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Update: 5th/April/2019

I'm Takeo MARUYAMA, associate professor.

My lab. is attached to
Tokyo Institute of Technology,
School of Environment and Society,
Department of Social and Human Science.

<Research Area>

<Aims of my lab.>

The goal of my research is promotion of comfortable, convenient, and healthy life environment.
Research topics to pursue the above purpose include,
(1) the analysis of characteristic and optimality on human motion,
(2) an interaction between a biological system and its surroundings such as sporting goods, health appliances, and the adaptive capabilities of the system, and
(3) the development of program on physical ability and health promotion,
with the methodology of biomechanics, human dynamics and biological information engineering.


Gruop photo
Associate Professor Takeo MARUYAMA
Assistant Professor Kunihiro ISHIKAWA
MC2 Shitsuu CHOU (H29.9-), Kei TAKAMIZU, Kentaro WATANABE

<Doctor's theses>

Year Name Title
2010 Shunsuke Sunami Kinematical Analysis of Ball Control Motion on Ball Heading and Kicking in Soccer
2009 Akihiro SAKAMOTO Effects of Repeated High Intensity Dumbbell Exercise After Isokinetic Eccentric Damage: Long Term Recovery and Acute Responses of Muscle Soreness and Performance
2007 Hideyuki ISHII Analysis of Factors on Ball Behavior during Ball Impact of Soccer Kicking
2006 Kozo NAITO Analysis of the Cause-Effect Relationship of Human Motion using the Biomechanical Models of Ruuning, Hopping and Throwing
2005 Chikako TAKEGAMI A Longitudinal Study of Quantitaitve Ultrasound Parameters and Bone Metabolism in Japanese pubertal boys and girls
2004 Yasuyuki YOSHIDA Human Dynamics in Postural Control by the Joint Moments at the Lower Extremities during Drop Landings

<Master's theses>

Year Name Title
2018  Kunio KIYOOKA Teh effect of external compression on lower legs on the performance during Drop Jumping 
 Atushi YANASE  Evaluation of Propulsion Capability of Wheelchair Athletes Using a Wheelchair Ergometer
2017 Kohe KARITA A study of arm swing on short approach long jump
Daichi KIYOSAWA Effect of Load of Shoulder Bag on Human Body
Kan SAITO Weelchair Propulsion Performance Measuring Method -Development of Weelchair Ergometer for Weelchair Sports-
Fumiya NARIGASAWA The effects of difference arch support in-shoe insole on foot and lower extremity
2015 Mayo KOTANI Quantitative evaluation of the load in the support leg during the soccer kick
Shintaro SATO Quantification of muscle fatigue by surface electromyogram with mathmatical model of muscle fatigue 
Satoshi TAKEKOSHI The effect of step width variation during walking on walking stability
2014.12 Ren JIAWEN Analysis of foot arch dynamics with viscoelasticity model and evaluation of functional socks
2013 Ryo KOYAMA A three dimensional motion analysis of the golf putting using inertial sensors
Feng CHAORAN Effects of developed state of thigh muscles on the knee joint dynamics during side cutting
2012 Yuta NAKATSUKASA Evaluation of functional footwear using biomechnical analysis in standing and walking
Yoshiyuku HASEGAWA Measurment of strike impact on soccer movement using accelerometer
2011 Masaki KITOU Effects of conditions on knee joint load during cutting movement
Yuki KIMURA Behavior of the ankle joint and foot in the transverse and frontal plane while turning at several walking speed
Mio KOJIMA Effect of lower limb and trunk posture on back load during lifting movement
Yuma SATO Evaluation of shoe-insole structure using measurment of foot motion and muscle activation in gait
Takafumi NOSE Relation between response time of lateral start and center of gravity in the lateral direction
2010.09 Lei Xia Effects of restricted ankle joint mobility on lower extremities joint motions during a stop-jump task
2009 Tae SATO The relationship between upper body posture and moiton and dynamics of lower extremity during sit-to-stand in elderly person
Takumi SANO A study on the effect of arm swing on lower extremities in squat jump
Nao HIGURASHI Validation of a new model for estimation of the step length from trunk acceleration during walking
2009.09 Koshi Yamada Validation of a new technique for estimating the hip joint center lactation from motion data
2008 Hiroyasu Takagi Analysis of Kinetic Factors Cotributed to the Ball Speed in Baseball Pitching
Hiroki Furuya Effects of the differences among postures on muscle activation patterns of lower extremity in simple and choice reaction movement
2007 Takayuki SUZUKI The Method of Estimating Child's Accident Situation by Inverse Problem Solution
Hiroki WATANABE A Method for Evaluating the Effects of Leg Motion on Center of Foot Pressure during Walking
Yousuke FUKUI Analysis of Kinetic Factors Contributed to Knee Extension Movement of Kicking Leg in Soccer Instep Kick
2006 Masaru ICHIKAWA Analisis of the Relative Tibiofemoral Movement Estimatied with the Point Cluster Technique and Knee Kinetics during Motion
Daiki MONGAKI Analysis of Walking Parameters for Gait Assessment
Osamu YUNO Effect of Different Posture on Response Time and Lower Extremity Motion during Reaction Movement
2005 Hiraki IWASA Study of Shoe Comfort using Customized Insole
Yasushi ONUKI Relationship between Trunk Movement and Right Hip External Rotation Angle during the Lifting Movement
Yoshihisa SAKURAI Relationship between Acceleration of Tibial Tuberosity and Ground Reaction Force
Kazushige YAMAURA Effects of Physical Properties of Surface on Lower Extremity Joint Motion and Muscle Activities
2004 Ryoko SATO Relationship between Relative Exercise Loads and Ankle Joint Motion during Treadmill Running
Shuichiro YAZAWA Analysis of Golf Swing Motion and Force Exerting Pattern of Right and Left Arm
2003 Akihiko ITO The Estimation of Muscle Fatigue and the Effect on Motion Control of Lower Extremity during Running
Satoshi KISHIMOTO Influence of shoes on Motion Control of Lower Extremity during Jumping
2002 Toshiki AOKI Relationship between Joint Stiffness and Muscle Activity during Hopping
Chizuru FUKUYO The Effect of Foot Wear Sole Properties on Kinesiology and Muscle Activity of Lower Extremity
2000 Mutsumi HIRANO The Influence of Dynamic Factors on the Recognition of Hardness by Tactile Sense
Mineko TANABE The Analysis of Kinetics, Kinematics and Muscle Activity in Squat Jump and Counter Movement Jump
1999 Tomohiro WADA The Modeling for Recognition of Hardness by Tactile Sense
1997 Shigeru TOMIOKA Evaluation of Muscle Fatigue using Mechanical Information
Hiroshi OGAWA Mechanical Characteristic of Rhythmic Forearm Movement



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